Welcome! First Blog Post


Welcome to our blog!

Quick introductions, we are Brandi and Masato.  We live in Japan in a beach town outside Yokohama.  We work together as translator/interpreters, and of course enjoy our other lives as an educator and an engineer.  We are also expecting our first little girl in a few weeks!  So our lives are about to get even busier.

We decided to start a blog for a number of reasons.  As an international couple in Japan, WE have relied on many other couples’ (especially foreign wives’) blogs for information, validation, friendship, and overall reassurance that we, ourselves, are not as crazy as we feel…sometimes.  So, we hope to share stories of our family, our hobbies (which are primarily outdoor adventuring and finding awesome restaurants), and any wisdom that we can provide as an American wife and Japanese husband stumbling through all those life experiences with a different set of expectations (or no idea at all!).

So please enjoy!  Masato will be posting his side of the story in Japanese, too.  Thanks!


One thought on “Welcome! First Blog Post

  1. Masato

    Oh. Finally, we started own blog:D
    I will update intersting stories about a foreign wife like ここが変だよ外国人奥さん!

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